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Jetlagged in Dublin, it’s  better than jet lagged at home, though coming home is nice too… I nodded out on my feet at the Book of Kells exhibit, I nooded out waiting for the Dublin Castle tour to start, I’m surprised I didn’t face plant in my potato (boxties!) and pint-of-stout lunch! But for the most part, thanks to the weak wireless signal and having to repack AGAIN (thanks airline for busting my suitcase, I fixed it, you’re  welcome),  I managed to stay up til midnight a slept hard for 9 hours.

Today the great Americans (and towards the end – Scot) in Ireland  road trip begins! Breakfast, one and Belfast to pick u Katie, who is turning in her thesis draft….

This was taken behind Dublin Castle – I figure the rest of my photos this trip will be very green, might as well throw the protestants a bone.

This clip sums up my exhaustion induced travel delerium beautifully:

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