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It seems really fitting that I come back to my blog on the train up to NYC as I started it on the train home from NYC, basically on a whim.

I’ve been struggling with how to catch back up, I have been taking my daily photos, but my career and personal life have gotten really busy and kind of amazing.

I have lost track of what day number it is because I am in the final stages of divorcing my paper day planner (which had this information under the date every day)… that’s right. I’ve gone cloudy digital baby! (with 15% chance of rain)

So, I’d LIKE to get back to the daily post and photo, but that’s just not a reality. For the second half of this month, I won’t have a laptop or daily access to the internet.  It’s vacation time again! 
But I’m dreaming up projects to work on in my travels. Because, the work goes on forever and the party never ends… no wait, the road goes on forever and the work never ends… how about the party goes on forever and the projects never end? Yeah, that’s it.

So here I am, headed up to shoot a charity event at Fashion Week New York. Super excited and slightly less nervous than when I heard I got the gig.

It’s been raining more than I realized lately and about the time I took this photo, I saw water that must’ve been over the tracks kicked up in our wake.

My train has a wake.

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