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Went to see King Giant and Throwdown Syndicate at the State Theater last month. I’d never been to the State Theater here in Falls Church before and I had a couple flashbacks to the State Theater in Olympia. Same concept, different execution. Old Movie theater turned concert venue (but I like that the State is still a theater… wow, I miss that place…). Beers are available in there, but they won’t let you leave and come back, so… be forewarned. It’s a weird policy, but it probably keeps them welcome in the neighborhood.

The room is pretty wide open, they still have the movie theater balcony, which I guess is open for some shows, not this one. There’s seating in the back and then an open area right infront of the stage, separated from the rest of the room by a railing and a couple steps – much like Jaxx’s sober people corral. When the music really gets loud, chips of plaster starts falling off the arch over the stage (proscenium arch – I had to look that up, because alas, I am not a theater nerd. haha)

Death Penalty opened up. This is tough, they’re young, the band was tight enough, but the singer was a little all over the map. They did bring the metal to the party. At the end of their first song a couple people cheered and the lead singer said “great we got some metallica fans in the audience” at this point my friend and I looked at each other and said “that was METALLICA?!” But they’re young, and my time listening to Metallica was relatively short, so I may be too harsh here… maybe with time and a few less hair flips…

Throwdown Syndicate

Throwdown came out and I started a having a little more fun. Where Death Penalty is going for the metal of my junior high years, Throwdown lays out a heavier beat… it was a nice change of pace and I like the combination of their sound with King Giant…

They were sounding tight, I was dancing and snapping photos. I have no further notes on the matter.

Will someone PLEASE give me a little credit for not saying Throwdown Syndicate throws down a heavier beat???

probably not now that I caved and said it…

Crimson Electric:

I have to admit I missed a bit of their set, but they were ripping pretty hard when I came in. I asked a friend who lives down their way if he gets to see them much he said they don’t really play at home often. I would check them out again.


King Giant brought along their own audio engineer, and for the occasion, a merch human – relieving the bassist’s wife of any duties and responsibilities for her birthday celebration. Those two extra band members paid off in spades. The band sounded great. You could hear the difference in the mix. I hope they recorded their set off the board.

The king giant dancers (I think I may be one and I’m not sure how the band feels about that) were thanked from the stage and Hammerly thanked the merch handler explaining that it was the band mom’s birthday and Jameson and cash just don’t mix… There was some contest and the winner got to pick the last song of the night. I had my own ideas of what I’d like to hear, the winner shouted out “needle and the spoon!”. The band was stoked to have Victor Griffin (Pentagram) out on stage with them for that one. No objections here…

They were tight and on their game and the mix was fantastic.

The end.

Recap of the show.

Didn’t see BYT there…

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