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Recently, at a networking event, I was joking that I was a glad work had gotten a little quiet – it meant I could finally focus on updating my website. It always seems freelancers get so busy, they neglect their marketing until they NEED it – which was precisely what happened to me.

So I made a big pronouncement a month ago about how I was going to get this turned around quickly, starting just after this one video project… then just as I wrapped up that project, the client said ‘We love it, also, we’re having a meeting in a week and a half, can you help us make a video for that too?’ So for the last four weeks or so, I’ve been wearing every hat but ‘web designer’ — mostly the ‘narrator’,’animator’, ‘narration director’ and ‘media consultant/advisor’ hats.

Wednesday morning, I finally came up for air, and dedicated myself this week and next to:
– Taxes (I have to prepare 2 sets in the next month – UK and US)
– A tutorial video about using a smart phone as a cycling sat nav (this is a personal side project to cover questions I get when I’m leading bike rides)
– This website

Not necessarily in that order. It would be a bit of a cliche to even point out which project gets shuffled to low priority due to lack of… motivation *cough*TAXES*cough*

Just a tiny update to say: things are still moving along, and if you’ve found this page, you’ve found the site under construction, welcome to the adventure. Today’s big win was getting the ‘recent work’ code pretty much set up and behaving. Now to populate it!

Have a great weekend!

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