I have been fortunate to enjoy a career in media production since the day I walked off of The Evergreen State College’s Campus… which was after I took that “one last class” after graduation because I can be that big a nerd about media and making things. 

In my 15 year career I’ve been fortunate to record bands and shoot their promo photos, create educational multimedia and videos for the Naval Academy, the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, Glaxo Smith Cline, the US Marine Corps, the Department of the Treasury. Before moving to Edinburgh, in addition to providing video, audio and motion graphics support to my firm’s Media Production Team, I was also the Photography Team lead. The position gave me the opportunity to build a photography business within the firm, and train a team of photographers to meet the new demand. My work has been published in two books – fotolog.book and Virginia 24/7 in addition to the Washington Post and Iron Horse Magazine. More recent clients include Booz Allen Hamilton, The University of Edinburgh, ZoneFox, CloudSoft, and St. Mark’s Unitarian Church. 

It’s a fun ride.


Professional Experience

Audio Production & Engineering 100% 100%
Video Production & Editing 93% 93%
Animation 93% 93%
Consultancy 80% 80%
Photography 73% 73%
Script Polish & Editing 53% 53%
Narration 20% 20%
Six years of stuff with voices